6 Tips Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding

6 Tips For Brides To Be!

Planning a Wedding is exciting, romantic, and sometimes overwhelming. Even the most organized Bride can be surprised on her big day when something is forgotten, or something pops up that the bride was unaware of. As a Wedding Planner, I am well versed in what those forgotten things might be. So, in hopes of better serving brides, here is a list of 6 Tips Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding.

6 Tips Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding


You CANNOT Do It All, nor should you want too! Even the most experienced DIY queen could not do everything for a wedding by themselves. I have seen this time and time again, where Brides in an effort to save money, decide to put on multiple different hats for their wedding. They decide to be the florist, the decorator, the cake baker, the planner, the hair and make-up artist, and the coordinator. As a result, not everything gets completed in time, or even if it does, it is not set up how they envisioned it. The Bride ends up being overwhelmed with stress and doesn’t even have very much time to properly get dressed and ready for the big day, let alone fully enjoy it.

Planning pro tip~ Get a Wedding Planner and Designer. If you have a planner, then it is their Job to deal with vendors, set up, and the stress load. You can sit back and relax while you get ready! Even if it is not in your budget to get a planner, then in the very least designate someone else to take on this role. Give the reigns over to someone else to deal with set up and vendor coordination the day of. You will be so thankful that you did!


The Ring Bearer doesn’t actually take the real rings down the aisle! Brides to be, if you have a planner they should already know this, but if not then you should be aware that you should NEVER give your real wedding rings to children. A ring bearer is more for show and pictures than anything. They are adorable, but also unpredictable. They always run all over the ceremony area and if they have your real rings, they could lose them or worse, eat them!

Planning pro tip ~ Let the littles carry an empty box, and instead entrust your rings to the best man, or officiant/pastor.


You don’t HAVE to carry out all the traditional wedding activities. Only do what you feel comfortable doing on your day! I see it all the time, Brides who really don’t want to do something but feel obligated to do it. So, they give in and do it anyways. There is no law written that says exactly how a wedding must flow. Nowhere is it written that you HAVE to do a bouquet toss, or a garter toss. You get to make your own rules.

Planning pro tip ~ Only do what makes your heart smile. If you are feeling peer pressured, or already know you would be uncomfortable with something that is normally done at a wedding, cross it off your list! Don’t do it! Save yourself the stress and anxiety over it. Chances are your guests won’t even notice!


Don’t forget to get a Security Guard. A lot of wedding venues require that you have security (which is amazing). However, some do not. Don’t try to cut corners by not having one! Security is so important! They help deter people from getting too drunk. They also remind people to be on their best behaviors, and to not vandalize or steal anything.

Planning pro tip ~ Security guards can also help direct traffic for parking! If your venue does not provide and attendant for this, then you can designate the task to your security guard!


Gratuity is typically not included. Don’t forget to tip your vendors! Some vendors include a gratuity percentage in their package price when they charge you. However, the majority don’t. Ask each vendor if gratuity is included or not. If they tell you it is not, then don’t forget to leave them a tip if you enjoyed their services!

Planning pro tip ~ we as vendors realize that asking or talking about tipping can be awkward and feel like the elephant in the room. We feel it too, you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to ask! We appreciate it more than you know. The reason most vendors don’t include gratuity in their pricing is because they want to know that you truly enjoyed their services, and there is no better way to show them that, than with a tip. Picture it this way- if you went to your favorite hair salon and got the best hair color and cut of your life, you would express that to the hair stylist and leave a tip would you not? Same principle applies for wedding vendors.


Have your Maid of Honor and/or your Planner practice your dress bustle before the wedding day! Normally when brides go to their final fitting, the seamstress will show them their bustle quickly while the bride has the dress on. While this is helpful, since the bride is not the one actually hooking the bustle, they typically will not remember how to do it. Bustles can be complicated, make sure more than one person at your wedding knows how to bustle your dress.

Planning Pro Tip ~ normally the planner is always with the bride before the grand entrance into the reception, which is when the dress would need to be bustled. Meet with your planner before the wedding day to go over the dress bustle with them!


Weddings are magical and a moment in time that you never forget. Don’t pile on the stress and anxiety that some brides do with a wedding. It can be easy and enjoyable with the right approach! I hope this list of 6 Tips Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding will assist you in your wedding planning process!

✨ Your Wedding Guru,

Jessica Richter


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November 24, 2020

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