First 3 Things to do after the Proposal

I’m Engaged!! Now What?

Your significant other finally got down on one knee and popped the question! *Pause for happy dance*. After obsessing over the ring for a good week and hearing congrats from all your friends and family you start to wonder, Now what? What is next? The simple answer to this question is that what comes next is planning a wedding. If only it were as simple as that statement right? Let me help break down the first 3 things to do after the proposal.

The first 2 steps in my opinion can interchange. There is no right or wrong answer as to which step should go first. Just make sure you follow both steps in whichever order feels comfortable to you! However, I am going to place them in the order that I personally think is best.


Book a Wedding Planner. Even that sentence may sound overwhelming right? Like – Okay Jessica I get it I need a Wedding planner, but like how do I find one?

Google, Social Media, and Friend Referrals are your best friend! When you start researching “Wedding Planners Near Me” in Google, make sure you write out a list of options that you narrow it down too. You should only add a planner to your list of options that have their own website, social media pages, 5 star google reviews, and lots of examples of their work available. You want someone experienced and well rounded in the industry. If you still struggle to find a good option after doing your own research, then I always recommend reaching out to friends that have gotten married and ask who they used for wedding planning! Especially if it was a wedding you attended that you loved!

The reason I believe Booking a Wedding Planner should be Step 1 is because your Wedding Planner can assist you even more with Step 2 than you tackling it on your own. But again, Step 1 and Step 2 are interchangeable. Your wedding planner will help you establish your wedding budget, wedding aesthetic, and wedding needs. Then, your wedding planner can assist you with Step 2 by providing a list of venues based on your budget and aesthetic that they would highly recommend. Your planner can also assist you in booking all the rest of your vendors for your wedding. They can normally get better rates with those vendors that they recommend because they provide them with consistent business. So, by having a Wedding Planner, it can actually help you save money overall.



Book a Wedding Venue. Out of all the vendors for a wedding that you book, this vendor is the one that gets booked up the fastest. Which is why finding a wedding venue should be very high on your list. I personally think its always best to have a Planner booked first that can go with you to these venues to help you book the best package to fit your needs and budget. Planners also normally know some questions to ask venues that you may not think about. However, lots of Brides book a venue first and then a Planner which is totally fine!

This is why I said Step 1 and Step 2 can be interchangeable! If you book a venue on your own without a planner, take the same approach I suggested for finding a Planner. Google, Social Media, and Friend Referrals are your best tools when searching for Vendors!


Book your Photographer. Besides a Wedding Venue, the other main vendor that is known to book up very quickly are Photographers! I don’t want this to scare you as there are tons of photographers out there! So, don’t feel like you wont get a photographer! However, if you have your heart set on a specific photographer, or a specific photography style, then don’t wait to book! Your wedding planner can help recommend photographers to you, based on your photography style and budget.


To Summarize: First 3 Things to do after the Proposal

Step 1~ Book a Wedding Planner

Step 2~ Book a Wedding Venue

Step 3~ Book a Wedding Photographer

There are lots of other steps to take when planning a wedding that follow after these First 3 things to do after the proposal. These are just the top 3 on a list that has several tasks. Don’t let that overwhelm you. If you follow these first 3 steps, you will set yourself up to have a smooth and easy wedding planning process! For more wedding tips and tricks, be sure to check out these two blog posts by J. Richter Events.

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February 11, 2021

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