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Hello and Welcome!

If you are reading this then you are on board for our first ever blog post! How exciting! Thanks in advance for stopping by to learn more about this wedding & event planning company!

Before we dive into everything about J Richter Events, let me give a little back story on who I am and why I started my own business. My name is Jessica Richter and I am the owner of J Richter Events. A recent newly wed myself, my husband and I have recently settled in Katy, Texas. Event planning is a passion of mine and something that I have done in one form or another since I graduated college from Sam Houston State University- Eat’em Up Kats!! I received a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Event Management and have been in the event industry for 6 years now.

I have planned and coordinated events in multiple states since graduating, and my experience ranges from corporate events to national trade-shows, before finally settling into my passion for weddings & event planning.

Most days when I am not working on a wedding, you can find me decorating my home,  playing with my fur babies, going for a bike ride, or heading down to the coast for a beach weekend! 


Technically I founded my company 2 years ago, as a wedding coordinating business. I didn’t really push it heavily or establish it on google, etc.; it was more or less a word-of-mouth and family and friends kind of business. The reason for this soft opening is that in the event planning business, you have to walk before you run.

In my own opinion I hadn’t done enough weddings to claim the professional title of Wedding Planner. Yes, I had certainly done several other types of events, but I wanted to gain more knowledge in the wedding industry specifically. Therefore, in the first two years of my business, I watched, I networked, I listened, I practiced, and I learned. In those 2 years I planned and coordinated 24 weddings.

Now that I have spent the past 2 years learning and growing in the wedding and event planning industry, I am proud to establish my own company.


What is J. Richter Events? J. Richter Events is a full-service wedding & event planning and event design company. JRE specializes in creating memorable and seamless events. Our goal is to understand and replicate your dream vision for your special event. JRE accomplishes this goal by listening to our clients, having several in person meetings, paying strict attention to detail, and executing a flawless layout and timeline for the day of the event.

Jessica Richter Engagement Photo- Photography by Alicia Yarrish


Let’s be real- planning a wedding is hard. Anyone who says that planning their wedding was a breeze either had a wedding planner, a ton of time, or is lying.

Trying to plan a wedding without any help or guidance would be like trying to compose a symphony without knowing how to read or write music. It is overwhelming, time consuming, and can at times be frustrating. That is exactly why I decided to start J.Richter Events. I have been educated in event planning, I have experience in event planning, and I have accumulated the tips and tricks to make it actually fun and easy!

Phew- well if you made it through all that then you now know all about J. Richter Events, and probably too much about me personally. I would love to connect with you and help you to plan your next event or wedding! For more information on the services offered by JRE check out this page!

Photography Credit: Alicia Yarrish Photography

Your Wedding Guru,

Jessica Richter

Jessica Richter Wedding Ceremony Photo- Alicia Yarrish Photography

June 22, 2020

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