Why Brides NEED A Wedding Planner and Coordinator

8 Reasons Why Every Bride NEEDS a Wedding Planner and Coordinator!

Growing up, I remember watching movies like The Wedding Planner, Bride Wars, and My Best Friends Wedding. In all of these movies, the weddings are upscale, black tie affairs. I remember thinking to myself, “oh that must be why the Brides need a wedding planner and coordinator, wedding planners must be expensive and only for fancy weddings.” But I also remember thinking, “oh wow that would be a cool job.”
I feel like a lot of people have the same kind of perception of wedding planners that I did.  People believe that they only need them for big super fancy weddings, or that they are probably very expensive.
Now that I am a wedding planner and coordinator, I can confidently say that both of these assumptions could not be more inaccurate. In my opinion, every Bride NEEDS a wedding planner and coordinator. Below are some reasons why.

8 Reasons Why:

  1. Wedding Planners are great resources for finding wedding VENDORS! As a wedding planner, I work personally with different vendors each wedding weekend. Since I get to work with several, it means that I know how they work, their process, and their quality of work. It also means that I have a personal connection with the Vendors. That is why planners have a specific vendors list that they highly recommend! Having this insight makes it easier to get vendors book in advance!
  2. Wedding Planners help break down the process of Wedding Planning. When planning a wedding, it can be very overwhelming and feel like you have a lot to do and that you don’t know where to start! When you have a wedding planner, they help break down that year of planning into what areas to focus on each month. They also help you know which vendors are most important to book first and in what order!
  3. Wedding Planners help you to stay on BUDGET! This is a big one! I have often been told by a Bride, I have X amount of money to spend all in on my wedding. It is my job to take that budget and make a game plan for cost in each area! A good wedding planner can normally make any budget work. It is all about getting creative!
  4. Having a Wedding Planner is like having a back up vendor in all vendor areas and having a safety net for any problems that could arise. There have been times in the past where I have had to DJ a wedding because the DJ got sick or I have had to be the announcer at a wedding because the DJ lost their voice. I have also had to be the Florist, Cake Cutter, Hair and make up artist, etc. You name it, a wedding planner has juggled it. They can wear many hats, which is why it is so important to have one at your wedding as a safety net.
  5. A lot of Wedding Planners out there also offer design and decorating services. This is HUGE and super important. Tell me, on the day of your wedding, would you rather be sipping mimosas and getting ready all day and laughing with your bridesmaids? Or would you rather be sweating and spending at least half of your day trying to set up your reception decorations and layout? I think we both know the answer to that! Having a wedding planner allows you to rest easy the day of the event and know that your space will come to life with the vision that you and your planner discussed ahead of time.
  6. To add on to reason 5, some planners also have décor that brides can rent. I personally have décor that brides can look through and save money on instead of having to buy all their décor or go through a larger rental company. This saves brides from having to purchase items and then try to resale them later which is very time consuming.
  7. A planner is a time manager. They are there to assist brides with planning out ahead of time exactly how the Bride wants their day to flow. They then create a day of timeline to reflect that plan. This timeline is crucial for vendors, wedding party, family, and bride, and groom. It is a wedding planners job to create this timeline and then send it to all the wedding vendors and make sure that everyone fully understands the plan and their arrival times and duties. The reason this really helps brides is because the timeline also goes to their wedding party and family members. Then on the big special day, the bride isn’t getting asked every five minutes “hey when are we doing this, and where are we supposed to go?”
  8. As if the first 7 reasons aren’t enough to show why Brides need a Wedding Planner and Coordinator, the final reason is the icing on the cake. At the end of the night, when the dance is over and the bride and groom have left the reception. It is time to break down the entire venue. Some venues are nice and let you come the next morning to do this if they don’t have an event already booked for the next day.  However, most venues require that you get things out the same night (excluding the very large décor items that décor companies have to come pick up). If you have a wedding planner, then normally they will stay and assist with this process and help direct where things go and help separate décor items, and help load up vehicles. This is a service I personally offer in my packages. Breakdown is just as important as set up in my opinion and it can be very time consuming if you don’t have a plan in place.

At this point, I think you can see why Brides need a Wedding Planner and Coordinator. Take out the stress of planning a wedding and don’t try to do it all on your own! Let a wedding Planner help guide you through the process and make it easy and stress free! For more tips and ticks about weddings check out another related blog post I have called: 6 Tips Brides Should Know Before their Wedding. 


✨ Your Wedding Guru,

Jessica Richter


Venue In photos: Emery’s Buffalo Creek

Planner/Coordinator: J. Richter Events

Wedding Photo Gallery from Wedding in Photos: Angie & Paul Wedding at Emery’s Buffalo Creek 

December 8, 2020

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